Sound Algorithm exists to support music producers’ decision making. The hardware and software you purchase has a massive impact on your progression and output as an artist, and for most people it represents a significant financial investment. However, there are so many product options available and so many technical specifications, that researching, choosing and purchasing a product can often be an overwhelming experience, especially if you are just getting started in the world of music production.

To support you, Sound Algorithm scours critic and user reviews across the web to collate lists of the best equipment for your production needs. A typical list takes 30+ hours of research across expert critic sites (such as Music Radar and Juno) and user review forums (such as Gearslutz and Equip Board). We do not partner with manufacturers to ensure all of our reviews are unbiased and credible.

Sound Algorithm also aims to explain basic music technological concepts in simple terms so you can make informed decisions. There’s a ton of different product specifications that, when understood, will help you understand the suitability of a product to your requirements. Many online reviews are written with the assumption that the reader already understands the components or acoustic metrics that define hardware or systems, but we do not. We aim to break these concepts down as much as possible.

The ultimate goal of Sound Algorithm is to make music production accessible to everyone, whether you come from a musical background or not. This way, everyone can have an outlet for their inspiration, and inspire with their output.